Best Western Hotel dei Mille - Napoli


A city to discover

Fascinating and intense, Naples is famous for its squares, its nativity scenes, its cultural treasures and its pizza, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Naples is an open-air museum: there are neighbourhoods to explore inch by inch. There are no small streets, palaces or courtyards that are not worth a visit. With its scents and views, it is a city that is discovered and rediscovered.

The locals are part of this enchanting beauty.

There are many monuments to see, as well as museums. Naples is also sea, history, villages to visit and surroundings to discover.

Our staff will be on hand to suggest what to see and visit in the city during your stay.

Get ready to fall in love with Naples!

Naples is above all food and flavours

Neapolitan cuisine, with its gastronomy and pastry, is always the best.

In Naples, you eat just about everywhere: you eat in the streets; as you walk, you smell the scent of frittatine pasta, fried pizza and pasta cresciuta.

Even a simple croissant to start the day tastes unique in Naples. From historic pastry shops to street food, everything here is better and more special.

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